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                  • Mr. Liu Chuan Jia becomes the sole beneficial owner of Jueshi Mining (indirect subsidiary of the Company) Commences an exploration program for Yongfeng Mine

                  • Showcased our products at China Xiamen International Stone Fair

                  • Carlyle Asia and CAGP made an investment of US$40.0 million through the purchase of exchangeable notes issued by Liu’s Group

                  • Hosted our first distributors conference, signifying the establishment of the Company’s distribution network

                  • Received mining permit allowing an annual production output of 250,000 cubic meters

                  • Successfully listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the stock code 3313

                  • We reached a strategic cooperation with the Japanese KCMC Consulting for refining the management and operations of ArtGo

                  • We opened our Hong Kong office

                  • We laid the foundation for the fully-automatic processing plant of ArtGo Stone (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd

                  • We collaborated with Architectural Society of China (CIID) for an art exhibition of their interior design annual conference

                  • We reached a corporate culture consulting cooperation with Inamori Kazuo (Beijing) Management Consultants Ltd. for refining our corporate philosophy

                  • ArtMore sample products were showed in 2015 China Xiamen International Stone Fair

                  • Officially launched the brand "ArtMore"; Officially open the Stone Experience Store


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